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Coinflip X2 (Down for maintenance)


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Max profit: 10000.00
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Bet ID Name Pick Payout Bet Roll Profit/Loss
Bet ID Name Pick Payout Bet Roll Profit/Loss

Match betting

Match betting FAQ

How are odds determined?

Odds are based on the total amount of bets on each side & change as other users place bets.

How much can I win?

Your payout is determined by the odds your selected team had when the match started, e.g betting 90 on a team with 33% chance to win (x2.00 odds) would payout 270 (180 winnings + your 90 bet).

How are matches added/started/ended?

All the matches are auto-magically added, started & ended, our system also checks for changed match timings in realtime in the event a match is delayed. Bets are locked 1 minute before a match starts. Winnings are paid out within 5 minutes of a match ending so you can forget waiting for a staff member to manually close the match.

Are there any betting limits?

There are no limits to betting besides minimum 0.10 & maximum 5000 per match

What happens if the match is draw, postponed, cancelled?

Your bets are refunded.

What happens if the odds vary too much?

In rare cases where the odds are below 0.01, all the bets are refunded.

What's the fee?

None! Match betting is absolutely tax free!

Starts Home VS Away Total bets Event
Status Home VS Away Winner Score Event
Rank Name Winnings
Match ID Team Wager Potential Winnings
Match ID Date Team Wager Final odds Winnings Refunded

Terms of Service

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Virtual Currency / Coins

Our website uses Virtual currency which are fictional credits or currency referred as " Coins", "Coins" or "Credits" throughout the site. These "Coins" do not have any monetary value and are not real money. You acknowledge Virtual currency (" Coins" or "Coins") cannot be redeemed for "real world" money or any other item of monetary value.

Virtual item value reserves the right to reject or discount certain items based on price, volatility, or popularity. Item values are subject to change without warning, at the sole discretion of


Any player entering into our game modes understands and agrees all bets are final and aren't subject to refund under any circumstances.

Suspensions reserves the right to restrict, suspend or ban any player if they are proven to be causing damage, attempting to cheat or spam other players on the site.

Intellectual Property Rights

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Modifications of Terms of Service ("Terms of Use") reserves the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms of Service at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are coins worth?

1 coin = $1 (Note: Coins are virtual currency and have no real-life value)

How do I get free coins?

There are multiple ways to get free coins:

  • Redeeming an affiliate code ($0.50: You get $0.50 instantly when you use a referral code).
  • Referring users (1% + $0.05: You get 1% of referred user's bets and $0.05 for redeeming your code).
  • Daily Faucet (Upto $2.55 every 24 hours: You can get free money by leveling your account, read more below on levels).
  • Daily name reward ($0.10): You get $0.10 daily for having in your Steam name.
  • Tweet reward ($0.25): You get $0.25 once for tweeting + following @BETS_gg on Twitter.

What is Faucet?

Faucet rewards players with free coins every 24 hours based on their level. Levels are gained by reaching a certain threshold of experience for each respective level.

How do I earn XP?

You can gain experience by wagering coins in Crash, Dice or Roulette. Crash only rewards with XP if you cashout after 1.50x. (cashout profit x 100)

Fees takes no fees for bets placed in Roulette, Crash, Match betting & Dice mode, 0-5% for Coinflip, if total pot value is below $20 or there are no items in the %5 range then we take 0 tax for that game.

I think I found a bug, can I get paid for this?

If you find an undiscovered bug that we deem worth fixing you will be credited based on the severity of the bug. Send us an email [email protected] or a direct message on our Twitter @BETSgg.

Can I tip coins to another player?

Sending is currently disabled, we will enable it soon

What's the minimum/maximum I can bet?

Crash minimum: 0.01, maximum: 500, Dice minimum is 0.01, maximum: 100, Roulette minimum is 0.01, maximum: 100, Coinflip minimum is 0.20, Match betting minimum: 0.10, maximum: 5000

When can I withdraw?

To withdraw you need to be level 1 and deposit minimum $5

What are the rules for using chat?

Must be level 10

No posting of support queries in chat

No asking/begging for coins.

No referral codes in chat or username.

No promoting of other sites.

No excessive spam, swearing, or use of capital letters.

Offenses will result in a mute. Repeat offenses will result in extended mutes/ban.

Please use English in chat.

Provably Fair

Our number hashing is quite straightforward, winning number or percent is generated, hashed and salted upon round start, then it is instantly displayed to the users before bets are taken, once the round ends the secret is displayed which the user can use to verify with publicly available tools. By rolling a number and displaying it's hash instantly we can verify that winning number wasn't tampered with.

How to verify?

We're going to use a 3rd party website like this to verify hash integrity. For Crash mode, set the digest algorithm to SHA-256, paste crash point into the message form and secret in secret, once you click compute you can see the hash generated by matches the one you see on that webpage.

For roulette simply change the algorithm to SHA-1 and repeat the steps above